Christian Group Unveils 2015 “Naughty-or-Nice” List, Because Some Companies Hate Christmas November 11, 2015

Christian Group Unveils 2015 “Naughty-or-Nice” List, Because Some Companies Hate Christmas

The American Family Association has released its annual “Naughty or Nice” list, sorting out which national chains celebrate Christmas and which ones don’t deserve your business because they ruin everything by acknowledging the existence of other human beings.

While most of it is just a holdover from last year, a few interesting things pop out:

One of the only “5-Star rated” companies is… the AFA Online Store. They gave themselves the highest rating.

Starbucks? Not on the Naughty List! Take that, Feuerstein!

Family Dollar is on the Naughty List because the company “shamelessly opens their stores on Christmas morning, showing they think more of the dollar than the family.” Though, in 2012 when they were open on Thanksgiving, the company explained its reasoning this way:

“Family Dollar is proud to be a neighborhood store, and we know that in many communities, we are the only store to which our customers have access,” said Michael Bloom, President and COO of Family Dollar. “So in response to our customers’ requests, we are proud to open our doors on Thanksgiving Day to customers who need us to make their holiday complete.

Those Grinches… I mean, that’s the sort of generosity that the Christians at AFA hate.

So if you’re looking for places to shop this winter, be sure to check out the Naughty List. Lots of good stores on it.

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