After Letting Their Daughter Die of Pneumonia, UK Faith-Healing Parents Are Going to Jail November 11, 2015

After Letting Their Daughter Die of Pneumonia, UK Faith-Healing Parents Are Going to Jail

Brian Kandare and his wife Precious Kandare will both be imprisoned for nearly a decade on manslaughter charges after letting their 8-month-old daughter Rebecca die of a curable disease.


Religion, as usual, looms large in this story:

The pair attended the Apostolic Church of God in Wolverhampton which had strict views on modern healthcare.

Members of the 20-strong congregation, who held prayers in a converted garage in the garden of a house, were encouraged to speak to the church’s midwife with medical problems before seeking further help.

Members could also be excluded from certain church activities if they went to a doctor without permission, the court heard.

The Kandares handed over responsibility of the care of their sick daughter to a church midwife three days before she died, believing in her “supernatural healing powers”, the court heard.

They didn’t give the girl nutritious food. They didn’t give her proper medical care. She had the worst case of rickets one expert had ever seen. And God was nowhere to be found.

If there’s any justice in this story, it’s that, unlike some U.S. states, there are no religious exemptions for homicide in the UK. The Kandares’ sentence sends a message to others that religious beliefs are no excuse for avoiding necessary medical help for your kids.

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