Religious Indoctrination Curriculum in Victoria (Australia) Moves to Preschool November 10, 2015

Religious Indoctrination Curriculum in Victoria (Australia) Moves to Preschool

Back in August, Victoria (Australia) public schools finally scrapped their “special religious instruction” (SRI) classes after lots of criticism that it was really all about Christian indoctrination.

But just when you thought it was over, the Christians are now targeting kids before they enter school:

The state’s largest SRI provider, Access Ministries, is offering a religious instruction program called Explore Christianity, at Emmanuel Early Learning in Endeavour Hills.

It plans to expand the course to other childcare centres and kindergartens next year.

The weekly half-hour session at Emmanuel Early Learning is run by two accredited volunteers, and is based on the school SRI program.

It teaches Christian values and beliefs, in addition to stories from the Bible.

Lara Wood, spokeswoman of SRI opponent, Fairness In Religions in School, said separating students by religion at such a young age could be damaging for students.

“We find it outrageous that kids as young as they are in childcare centres and kindergartens could be segregated by religion. We feel that’s not a good start to a student’s education life.”

To be clear, this is not “religious” education. This is education in one specific religion. And it’s not even education. It’s teaching the Bible as if it were true.

That’s why it was booted from public schools and why any decent childcare facility should chuck it as well. Leave the brainwashing at home. There are plenty of ways to teach kids about ethics and values without bringing God into the picture.

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