Mormon Elder Clarifies New Anti-Gay Policies, but the Critics Were Right All Along November 8, 2015

Mormon Elder Clarifies New Anti-Gay Policies, but the Critics Were Right All Along

Now that the Mormon Church is officially calling gay people in same-sex relationships “apostates” and forbidding their children from being baptized or confirmed unless they disavow their parents’ love for each other, they’re in damage control mode. People are resigning and they feel the media has been unfair to them.

That’s why, on Friday night, the Church released a video interview with Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He’s a high-ranking Church leader, so he could set the record straight!

Instead, all he did was reiterate how the critics had everything exactly right.

This is his happy face.

this policy originates out of… compassion. It originates from a desire to protect children in their innocence and in their minority years. When, for example, there is the formal blessing and naming of a child in the Church, which happens when a child has parents who are members of the Church, it triggers a lot of things. First, a membership record for them. It triggers the assignment of visiting and home teachers. It triggers an expectation that they will be in Primary and the other Church organizations. And that is likely not going to be an appropriate thing in the home setting, in the family setting where they’re living as children where their parents are a same-sex couple. We don’t want there to be the conflicts that that would engender. We don’t want the child to have to deal with issues that might arise where the parents feel one way and the expectations of the Church are very different. And so with the other ordinances on through baptism and so on, there’s time for that if, when a child reaches majority, he or she feels like that’s what they want and they can make an informed and conscious decision about that. Nothing is lost to them in the end if that’s the direction they want to go. In the meantime, they’re not placed in a position where there will be difficulties, challenges, conflicts that can injure their development in very tender years.

So the kids may be conflicted if they have to choose between love and the Mormon Church. Because those don’t go together and making them pick just one would be cruel.

He then compared same-sex relationships to polygamy:

The situation with polygamist families, for example, and same-sex marriage couples and families really has a parallel. For generations we’ve had these same kinds of policies that relate to children in polygamist families that we wouldn’t go forward with these ordinances while they’re in that circumstance and before they reach their majority. That’s the same sort of situation we’re dealing with here, so it’s something we have had a history with. It’s a practice that really is analogous that’s been the case over many generations.

This is how you know you’re dealing with bigots.

There’s nothing here that needed clarifying since the critics were right from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter how much the Mormon Church wants to shine a shit. It still reeks and they’re not going to stop everyone from pointing to their exact words.

No fair-minded Mormons are watching this video and thinking they’ve been misinformed this whole time.

The LDS Church thinks homosexuality is a sin and homosexual acts cannot be condoned in any circumstances. Mormons will treat you better if you’re the son of a murderer than the son of a loving monogamous gay couple.

The people leaving the LDS Church because of this policy have much more compassion than any of the leaders within it.

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