High School Teacher Makes Student Swear on Bible That She’s Not Pregnant November 6, 2015

High School Teacher Makes Student Swear on Bible That She’s Not Pregnant

When Chasity began her senior year at Jackson High School in Georgia, she was aware she had put on a little weight, but it was the least of her concerns. She managed multiple sports teams at the school, had a part-time job, and did well in her classes.

The problem began when she went to go sign up for the Student Government Association, which she had been involved with all throughout high school. The adviser for the group asked her if she was pregnant. She wasn’t. But it didn’t stop there.

“The coordinator saw her in the lunch room and said she wanted to talk with her,” [mother Tammy] Williams said. “She asked her if she was a Christian, she [Chasity] said yes. She [the adviser] asked another teacher to get her a Bible. When she got the Bible, Chasity told me that she asked her to swear that she was not pregnant.”

Chasity swore on the Bible she wasn’t pregnant and paid the $25 SGA dues.

But the adviser came back to Chasity in early September and repeated the allegation.

“She [the adviser] said, ‘I think you’re pregnant and you can’t walk behind me pregnant,'” Williams said. “And, that really hurt her. She [the adviser] said, ‘Your check will be refunded. I hope you graduate and have a nice life.'”

There’s nothing okay with this story, from the body-shaming to forcing a student to make any sort of promise on a Bible. The District’s superintendent said there’s an investigation underway, though nothing has happened yet. Given how many times Williams has brought this issue up to the principal, that’s some gross misconduct by the administration.

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