Gordon Klingenschmitt: I Can Prove God Using the Scientific Method November 3, 2015

Gordon Klingenschmitt: I Can Prove God Using the Scientific Method

Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who is also host of the “Pray In Jesus Name” talk show, said on a recent episode that he could use the scientific method to prove God’s existence. So you know this is gonna be good…

You want evidence of God? I can give you evidence of God. In fact, I’ll show you God; all you’ve got to do is repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and invite him to come into your heart. Now this is a scientific method. I’m giving you step A: you repent; step B: you believe; step C: you invite Jesus Christ to come into your heart as Lord and Savior. Follow that scientific method and I guarantee you will see Jesus Christ.

That’s… not science. That’s just a list of bullshit steps. And Step B ain’t happening without evidence, which was the whole point of the list in the first place.

Klingenschmitt’s evidence for God is nothing more than “You gotta believe.” *drops mic*

Feel free to peer review his work in the comments.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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