Students at Louisiana High School Say Teachers Push Christian Beliefs on Them Regularly November 2, 2015

Students at Louisiana High School Say Teachers Push Christian Beliefs on Them Regularly

More than a month ago, I posted about the prayer boxes at Airline High School in Louisiana’s Bossier Parish:

This was the same high school where the principal signed off on his newsletter message by saying “May God Bless You All.” (And the same District where the ACLU has had problems in the past. And the same area where the Sheriff’s Office wanted federal money for a faith-based program.)

Zack Kopplin, who grew up in the state, spoke with several students who attend Airline High and found out that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Christianity’s fingerprints are all over the public school:

During health class, students at Airline High… read Bible passages, and their teacher asks them to identify their favorite verses. Airline students told me they are taught creationism as science and pressured into attending Fellowship of Christian Athletes club meetings. During gym class, girls are warned against contraception by a “born again virgin” from the local crisis pregnancy center, a Christian anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-premarital-sex advocacy center.

There are more details in the piece, but it should be noted these are all anecdotes from students and not necessarily hard evidence. That said, if it’s accurate, the District would be crushed in court. It’s just a matter of finding a student willing to be a Plaintiff in the case, preferably one who will still be in school long enough for the case to be resolved without it being dismissed for lack of standing.

Given the Christian environment in the school, I can understand why no one would want to take on that role.

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