Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 79: John W. Loftus, Debunking Christianity November 1, 2015

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 79: John W. Loftus, Debunking Christianity

Our latest podcast guest is John W. Loftus, the atheist author of How to Defend the Christian Faith.

You would think Loftus should be a Christian. After all, he attended and graduated from Great Lakes Christian College, Lincoln Christian University, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he learned under apologist William Lane Craig.

But he’s spent the last several years debunking the faith.

His books include Why I Rejected Christianity, Why I Became an Atheist, and The Outsider Test for Faith.

I spoke with John about the worst argument Christian apologists use, how learning the Bible caused him to leave the faith, and whether rejecting Christianity is the same thing as becoming an atheist.

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