In Spain, Atheist Mother Wants Secular First Communion Celebration for Her Daughter October 31, 2015

In Spain, Atheist Mother Wants Secular First Communion Celebration for Her Daughter

If you think of a wedding as a primarily religious occasion, then a civil ceremony is a secularized version of the same thing. You get all of the pomp and “official-ness” without any of the religious nonsense. And it makes sense to have that alternative since you don’t need God to celebrate a union of two people.

But do you really need a secular version of a religious ritual?

Dolores Diez, an atheist in Spain, is calling for her local town hall to conduct a civil communion for her 8-year-old daughter.


“I’m not bringing her up within any religion and she doesn’t go to church school or take religion at school,” Diez explained.

“We don’t go to mass and when I asked her about communions she said she only wanted the part. The Town Hall is offering me the chance to let my daughter have her special day without putting on the pretence of attending church just for that reason,” the mother said.

Basically, all the other kids are having religious ceremonies, so Diez wants one for her daughter, too. Just without the religion.

Makes you wonder: What exactly are they celebrating? What’s the point of a rite of passage if you’re not interested in the destination?

At least a wedding minus God still leaves you with the wedding.

A communion minus God? Now you’re just giving wine to an 8-year-old.

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