Security Guards Say in Lawsuit They Were Fired After Complaining About Proselytizing Boss October 29, 2015

Security Guards Say in Lawsuit They Were Fired After Complaining About Proselytizing Boss

Four security guards from Oregon are saying in a lawsuit that their former boss fired them after they complained about her religious proselytizing. They worked for G4S Secure Solutions, where supervisor Sarah Houser allegedly wouldn’t stop talking about her faith no matter the situation:

In the lawsuit, the four guards say Houser held training sessions for Gresham Station security guards by showing a series of Christian videos on YouTube and playing recorded sermons “about God, demons, conspiracies and the Illuminati.”

The suit says Houser referred to the Gresham Station security kiosk as a “church,” posted Bible verses on the walls, and held daily “prayer circles” with two other guards. The suit says she told Rush that “they needed more Christian people to work at the Gresham Station because they were ‘opening the gates for demons to enter the site.'”

The suit says the four guards submitted written complaints to regional managers about the “fervent evangelizing” by Houser and two other guards at the kiosk. The suit says G4S responded by firing all four guards.

There’s no comment yet from the company or Houser, but I can’t wait to hear their response…

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Cris for the link)

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