At Student’s Request, Satanists Plan Invocation at Bremerton High School Alongside Christian Coach October 28, 2015

At Student’s Request, Satanists Plan Invocation at Bremerton High School Alongside Christian Coach

***Update***: The Satanic Temple gave me more information on what the invocation will look like:

We’re going to be in black robes, heads covered like Sith Lords. If Joe Kennedy starts to pray, we will begin our solemn march accompanied by a gong to the 50 yard line in a V-formation, with Lilith in front. She will have an incense burner in each extended arm. When we get to the 50 yard line, she hands the incense off to people behind her and begins the invocation… With each sentence the gong will ring.

The invocation will likely end with a repeating “Ava Satanas!” (Hail Satan) lead by Lilith.

We encourage any student or attendee to wear black to show solidarity.

The other day, I posted about how the Satanic Temple chapter in Seattle had offered to deliver a post-game invocation at Bremerton High School, where assistant football coach Joe Kennedy has said he won’t stop praying on the field.

The Satanists weren’t going to show up out of nowhere, though. They were only going to come if someone wanted them there.

Well, guess what? A student made that request.

Satanic Temple of Seattle leader Lilith Starr told me in an email:

We are acting on behalf of a student there whose beliefs align with ours, and who would like to see their beliefs represented on the field alongside Christianity.

If the school chooses to tacitly approve the coach’s prayers by failing to stop or discipline him, they are opening up the football field as an open religious forum, and by federal law they must ensure that all religions have equal access to that forum, including Satanism.

We will be on hand with Satanic clergy at the football game, ready to perform the Invocation on the field if approved. If the school allows Kennedy to continue but denies our request, we would like to know the rationale behind the denial.

If the school district prevents Kennedy from praying publicly or disciplines or discharges him accordingly, we will withdraw our Invocation request.

Starr added that there would be a “contingent of TST Seattle members attending the football game, ready to perform the invocation if approved.”

I love it. If Coach Kennedy wants to make a big display of his religiosity, he’ll also be responsible for spreading Satanism to the crowd at Bremerton.

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