Newborn Dies Following Botched Circumcision That Parents Didn’t Want in the First Place October 26, 2015

Newborn Dies Following Botched Circumcision That Parents Didn’t Want in the First Place

In January of 2013, Ontario natives John Heydari and Homa Ahmadi gave birth to a little boy they named Ryan. He was perfectly healthy and the parents had no desire to circumcise him because they believed “mother nature created us the way she intended us to be.”

But their physician, going against the recommendation of the Canadian Pediatric Society, suggested the boy should be circumcised anyway. The unnecessary procedure was botched and the boy died three weeks after his birth due to blood loss.

The only reason this is making the news now is because of how little the doctor in question got punished:

In fact, the case only became public because the couple appealed the original Ontario College of Physician and Surgeons rulings, which were rendered in secret.

An appeal tribunal upheld this month a decision by the College to caution the doctor who saw Ryan in the emergency department hours after his circumcision, his diaper stained red with blood.

The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board also confirmed the college’s separate advice to the pediatrician who conducted the procedure to be aware of its potential hazards, and document his efforts to get informed consent.

That’s not even a slap on the wrist for a doctor who gave horrible advice, performed a pointless and harmful surgery, and ended up killing a patient. It’s true that patients can die even though doctors do everything they can to prevent it, but those cases usually don’t begin with a recommendation that goes against the best medical advice in the country. The doctor deserved a harsher punishment. It’s just one more reason to ban the practice of genital mutilation in the first place.

After all, it makes as much sense as saying you’re going to pierce your baby’s tongue.

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