Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying on the Field Says He Will Now Sue School District October 26, 2015

Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying on the Field Says He Will Now Sue School District

Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, the guy who continues to pray on the field despite several warnings that he’s violating the law, still doesn’t get that school representatives can’t promote religion while on the clock.

Last we heard, the District was still “negotiating” with his Christian lawyers (the Kim Davis people).

I guess negotiations are over since conservative websites are now reporting that both sides are threatening legal action. The District says Kennedy may be fired if he doesn’t stop praying on the field (a threat they’ve already made before…), and Kennedy says he will file a lawsuit against the District for not letting him proselytize on the field.

Liberty Institute senior counsel on the case Mike Berry told The [Daily Caller News Foundation] they will file suit because the school refused to grant a religious accommodation for Kennedy, which they requested last week. The Institute also said the school violated the law by banning any outward expression of religion while he is on the job, which is a violation of his First Amendment rights, they contend.

That seems like a losing argument from the get-go. Principals can’t get on the intercom every morning and pray to Christ as an outward expression of their religion. Liberty may say that’s not the same thing since this is just one guy praying on his own. Except it’s not, since you can see from the picture above that this is a coach praying with his team. By Liberty Institute’s logic, teachers should be allowed to begin every conference with parents by reciting a Bible verse.

When teachers and administrators and coaches are on the job, they are government employees. They shouldn’t be advocating for one religious belief — or atheism, if that were ever the case. If Kennedy has to pray publicly after a football game, he should find work at a Christian school.

Keep in mind he’s welcome to pray on his own (I’m sure God can read his mind). The only reason he’s making such a public display of it is because he wants to be a Christian martyr and he wants students to follow in his footsteps. That’s precisely why this lawsuit shouldn’t go anywhere.

(Screenshot via Kitsap Sun. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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