Christian Website Says Obama is Now “Forcing Girls to Share Showers With Boys” October 23, 2015

Christian Website Says Obama is Now “Forcing Girls to Share Showers With Boys”

Let’s play a game.

It’s called “How many lies can Christians tell in a single headline?”

Your turn:

Obama Now Officially Forcing Girls to Share Showers With Boys

No. No no no. Not even fucking close to what’s actually happening.

Camille wrote an excellent piece about this story earlier and I’d urge you to read that. To summarize, though, the whole issue involves trans kids being allowed to use the proper bathroom, including after gym class, in one Illinois school district.

Right-wing extremists think that if you allow that to happen, sexual assault will follow. The fact that that’s never happened before hasn’t stopped them from perpetuating the myth. And the only way they can scare people into fighting against this harmless request is by exaggerating their lies to the point where they don’t even make sense anymore.

To be fair, the Thomas More Society and Alliance Defending Freedom didn’t write this headline. Someone at Charisma did. But they all harbor the same despicable anti-LGBT beliefs. The headline is awful, but the legal groups believe the same bullshit.

Let’s hope the School District 211 School Board and Superintendent won’t listen to the bigots.

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