MythBusters Has Been Cancelled October 21, 2015

MythBusters Has Been Cancelled

After 14 seasons, it was announced this afternoon that MythBusters would finally be coming to an end.

“After 248 episodes, 2950 experiments, 1050 myths, and 900 explosions, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will say goodbye to the series this winter,” Discovery confirmed in a statement.

Per, which broke the news, Savage and Hyneman have been planning for the end since earlier this year. “It was my greatest fear that Mythbusters would just stop and we wouldn’t be able to do proper final episodes,” he tells the site. “So whether it’s myths about human behavior or car stories or explosion stories, we tried to find the most awesome example of each category and build on our past history.”

At least it wasn’t a total surprise to them.

Both hosts, however, were frustrated with how things were going. In interviews with Entertainment Weekly, Savage and Hyneman were pretty straightforward about their creative differences. It was a productive marriage, they suggested, but it’s time to go their separate ways. While they’ll be pursuing different projects, they also said they’d be working together as executive producers of a scripted show at CBS.

The final season begins airing on Discovery this January.

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