School District is Still “Negotiating” with Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying on the Field October 20, 2015

School District is Still “Negotiating” with Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying on the Field

On Friday night, Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy prayed on the field despite several warnings that he was violating the law by promoting Christianity while acting as a school representative.

If he weren’t Christian, he would’ve no doubt been fired a long time ago.

So has anything happened since Friday night?


The District is “negotiating” with his team of Christian lawyers, whatever the hell that means:

The school district said in a statement issued Monday that Kennedy’s employment status is unchanged. School officials are reviewing the events of Friday night and are talking to the coach’s lawyers.

“The district continues to hope that the district and Mr. Kennedy can arrive at common understandings that will ensure that the rights of all community members are honored and the law is respected,” district spokeswoman Patty Glaser said in a statement.

This is absolutely ridiculous. We have a coach who deliberately broke the law after being warned many times over… and the District is trying to find a compromise?! What exactly is there to negotiate?

This guy isn’t going to stop praying on the field. Why are District officials going out of their way to appease him? Does anyone think this would be happening if Kennedy wore a turban or prayed to Allah?

I have no clue why the District would rather face a lawsuit when they could rip the Band-Aid off in one fell swoop.

The team’s last game is this Friday. But this problem isn’t going away until the District makes a decision. The smart thing to do would be to tell Kennedy his services are no longer needed. He’s more interested in being a preacher, anyway. I’m sure a local church will be happy to have him.

(Screenshot via Kitsap Sun. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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