CBS is Developing a Sitcom All About Taking the Bible Literally October 20, 2015

CBS is Developing a Sitcom All About Taking the Bible Literally

Several years ago, author A. J. Jacobs wrote a hilarious book called The Year of Living Biblically, in which he tried to follow every rule in the Bible as literally as possible (without killing anyone).

It’s taken a while, but the premise of that book is now being used to develop a sitcom.

According to Deadline:

In its first development season, Alcide Bava Prods., the Warner Bros. TV-based company of The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki, has sold its first project — a multi-camera comedy from writer Scott King, showrunner of the Hulu series Difficult People, which has been set up at CBS. Additionally Alcide Bava is developing a half-hour comedy series based on the A.J. Jacobs’ bestselling book The Year of Living Biblically.

… The book had been previously under option at Paramount Pictures with Plan B producing. Producer [Spencer Medof] had procured the rights and approached his friend [Andrew] Haas about turning the book into a TV series.

I’m not sure how they turn that premise into a full-fledged series… but it’s bound to upset conservative groups who still can’t handle positive gay characters on television. So it has my enthusiastic support!

Plus, anything that pokes fun at religious dogma is bound to be entertaining.

(via AV Club)

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