Texas Legislator Laments Infusion of Religion into Politics in Her State October 17, 2015

Texas Legislator Laments Infusion of Religion into Politics in Her State

It’s finally happened.

We found one.

A politician in Texas who opposes the infusion of religion into politics.


State Rep. Donna Howard explains her concerns with her colleagues who think the government is just an extension of their church:

It’s one thing to have an evidence-based debate about women’s access to abortion, quite another to do so when the facts are argued against with faith. How do you reach a workable compromise with a religious belief that requires absolutes — such as no abortions should ever be allowed? Period? Though my values guide me to focus on the health and well-being of women who have made the decision to terminate a pregnancy and who need access to a legal and safe medical procedure, my mere mortal position seems to always be trumped within a Chamber that hears frequent references to God’s will or biblical scripture.

… How do we, as elected representatives, ensure that we’re creating a space for all of our constituents, regardless of their faith or their lack of a faith tradition, to participate in and be represented within our governmental processes and policies?

Great questions. If only the other politicians in the state would take their fingers out of their ears and listen to her.

If you haven’t seen it already, Howard’s comments were spurred by an excellent and eye-opening Texas Tribune series about God & Governing.

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