Teenager Beaten to Death Was Being Counseled by Church Members for His Supposed “Sins” October 16, 2015

Teenager Beaten to Death Was Being Counseled by Church Members for His Supposed “Sins”

We now know a little more about the teenager who was beaten to death by his parents and four other members of their church. And it only makes the story worse.

Bruce Leonard, the father of the teenager

The big question people have had is why six adults (members of the same church) beat two teenagers, killing one of them. Here’s what apparently happened:

According to investigators, church members believed 19-year-old Lucas Leonard and his 17-year-old brother Christopher had committed sins and needed to be punished until they confessed.

At least six people punched and kicked them in the torso and lower extremities for several hours, police said.

Jesus… I thought that would explain things, but I’m just left with more questions.

Even in a religious context, what sin could a teenager possibly commit that warrants violence like that to force them to repent? Was this a witchhunt where the teens had nothing to confess, or were they holding out and refusing to say anything? How could parents do this to their kids?

So we wait for more information. In the meantime, we’ll just have to consider what religion virus was in their heads that led these people to commit such a horrible crime. Surely their actions were far worse than anything the teenagers did.

***Update***: Another report says that Lucas Leonard’s “sin” was that he wanted to leave the church:

[Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara] said law enforcement has information that points at Lucas’ desire to leave the church as a motive for the counseling session.

(Thanks to @OD_Potts for the link)

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