Another Florida City Commission Drops Invocations Just to Prevent Local Satanist from Speaking October 15, 2015

Another Florida City Commission Drops Invocations Just to Prevent Local Satanist from Speaking

Chaz Stevens is on a roll. The atheist-turned-Satanist has pressured another city commission in Florida to stop invocations altogether just so no one has to hear him speak.

Remember: Stevens made this happen in Coral Springs last month (they didn’t want to see an invocation that involved twerking and/or a mariachi band). Deerfield Beach and Delray Beach have dropped their invocations for the same reason.

And now it’s happening in Dania Beach (article behind paywall):

Before the start of Dania Beach meetings, City Commissioners Al Jones and Bobbie Grace have for years taken turns saying a Christian prayer.

After receiving several snarky, profanity-laden emails from Stevens in the past month, City Attorney Tom Ansbro recommended the commission start observing a moment of silence instead.

City Commissioner Chickie Brandimarte warned of “big trouble” if Stevens were permitted to deliver a public prayer to the devil.

“If we let Satan guy come up here, I can’t control what [he’s] going to do,” she said. “I see chaos coming. It would just get into a big, big turmoil here.”

I’m not a fan of the profanity-laden emails. There are more mature ways to handle this issue. But let’s be clear: The commissioners shouldn’t be saying the prayers themselves (that’s illegal), and if they can’t handle a non-Christian speaking, that’s their problem.

Stevens may be a jerk in his interactions with the commissioners, but he’s not wrong on principle and he’s not wrong to request an invocation date.

The only people who should be complaining about a moment of silence are Christians who think the only prayers that matter are the ones that are said out loud. Since Jesus warns against that in the Bible, I guess everyone will be thrilled!

The best part about the article has to be this line:

Stevens is still waiting to hear from Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lake Worth and Pompano Beach.

So expect more posts like this in the near future.

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