Gov. Mike Huckabee: Racism Exists Because of Sin October 14, 2015

Gov. Mike Huckabee: Racism Exists Because of Sin

During a Democratic Presidential debate that was focused on real issues and was noteworthy for its lack of entertainment value (at least compared to the Republican debates), the candidates all gave decent responses to the question of whether black lives matter or all lives matter. The truth is you can say yes to both without being a hypocrite, and the candidates made sure to stress the disproportionately harsh experiences faced by African-Americans in this country.

But leave it to Gov. Mike Huckabee to say something idiotic despite not even being on that stage:

He then followed that up with a joke about Koreans eating dogs.

As I watched the debate last night with others on Twitter, everyone was having fun mocking candidates like Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, and Martin O’Malley… but their deficiencies were nothing compared to the genuinely horrifying things coming out of damn near every Republican’s mouth (and Twitter feed).

The Democrats didn’t lie about Planned Parenthood or debate the rights of LGBT people. They talked about the importance of climate change and income inequality. Whether that can translate to action has yet to be decided, but it represented what a mature, adult debate looks like.

For the GOP, every debate is a kids’ table debate. The whole state is full of joke candidates who have no business in the Oval Office.

I don’t think every Democrat on that stage last night could be President. But I’d be horrified if any of the Republican candidates got the job.

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