Florida School Board Meeting Turns Into Christian Revival October 13, 2015

Florida School Board Meeting Turns Into Christian Revival

In Florida’s Okaloosa County School District, the same place where a teacher led her students in Christian prayer during class time earlier this month, the School Board held a meeting last night to discuss whether they would continue holding prayers at the beginning of meetings. (Spoiler: Those prayers are illegal.)

According to David Suhor, who attended the meeting, the result was a 3-2 vote in favor of keeping the prayers in place. You can see what some of the public comments were like right here.

But more than anything, you have to check out this video from the event. Keep in mind this was taken at a school board meeting, not a Christian revival.

This was just the beginning of the antics that took place prior to the Okaloosa School Board meeting this evening.

Posted by Okaloosa/Walton Freethinkers on Monday, October 12, 2015

There are kids who educational careers are in the hands of these deluded people. They care more about pushing their faith onto everyone else than making sure children are getting a proper education. It’s not just the audience, either. The board members, by voting to keep prayers in meetings, are inviting a lawsuit that they will ultimately lose.

These people don’t care about education. They just want to score brownie points with a God who only listens to prayers, apparently, if you scream them out loud.

Good thing there’s no Bible verse against that.

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