Daily Caller Website Mocks Atheist Group’s Vandalized “Adopt a Highway” Signs October 12, 2015

Daily Caller Website Mocks Atheist Group’s Vandalized “Adopt a Highway” Signs

I know it’s the Daily Caller, a conservative website, and I’m not expecting to see any sympathy for atheists… but if there were a Christian cross vandalized in the same way as a California atheist group’s “adopt a highway” sign, do you think the writers there would be so flippant about it?

Atheists are sad, you guys, just because someone X’ed out their name and later changed the word “Atheists” to “Theist.” Let’s all laugh at people complaining about petty vandalism like it’s a big deal.

Actually, the article itself is straightforward, but the consensus in the comments is that the damage is hardly worth the fuss.

I’m not advocating any sort of similar retaliation. I would like to know, though, what their reaction would be if an atheist did the same thing to a church sign.

Who wants to bet they’d be calling it a hate crime against Christians?

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