ESPN’s Outside the Lines Discusses Arian Foster’s Atheism October 10, 2015

ESPN’s Outside the Lines Discusses Arian Foster’s Atheism

Yesterday, ESPN’s Outside the Lines focused on NFL star Arian Foster and his atheism. While most of the segment was a recap of the story by ESPN The Magazine‘s Tim Keown, you may want to check out the conversation starting at the 1:20 timestamp about Foster’s college days. Foster, while at Tennessee, didn’t want to attend team-building exercises at churches, and he felt it hurt his standing on the team.

Dan Barker also makes an excellent appearance, though the Christian panelist alongside him doesn’t seem to get how serious this problem is. Chaplains are great, he says, oblivious to how that only applies when those chaplains share your faith.

All that said, kudos to Bob Ley and his team for hosting a discussion on this problem that’s only going to get worse if we don’t do something about it.

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