Hillary Clinton: “We Are Called by Jesus” to Help the Poor October 9, 2015

Hillary Clinton: “We Are Called by Jesus” to Help the Poor

When you think about politicians mixing government and religion, you usually think about the Republicans. To be fair, their side has more zealots and they’re far more vocal. But the Democratic Party isn’t exactly perfect when it comes to keeping church and state separate either, as a recent comment from their heir apparent demonstrates:

Oy vey. She may have fiercely promised to defend the separation of church and state in August, but it looks like she’s singing a different tune today. To be entirely fair, her decision-making being guided by her faith isn’t the same as creating laws that force others to comply with her religious beliefs. And helping the poor is a great thing. That said, it shouldn’t be faith guiding leadership in the White House. It should be experience, knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and courage. You don’t need Jesus or any other deity for that.

Am I worried Clinton would use the Presidential podium for proselytizing? No. But in the same way that we call out the GOP for inappropriately bringing their religion to work with them, we should be willing to call out progressives.

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