Frustrated Christians Threaten to Convert to Islam Over Church Repairs October 9, 2015

Frustrated Christians Threaten to Convert to Islam Over Church Repairs

There’s not a lot about religion that makes sense to me, but sometimes the antics of believers are so bewildering they make your head hurt.

Take for instance the Serbian village where Christians frustrated by the amount of time it’s taking to repair their local church are resorting to extreme measures.

Namely: conversion.

Parish members in Sopic, near the capital Belgrade, made the warning in a letter to the head of Serbia’s Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej, according to the Alo news website. Asking him to back their campaign for the building to be restored and not demolished, the congregation said: “If we do not receive your support, we will be forced to collectively go over to Islam in order to get better protection for our facilities under Serbian law”. It goes on to compare the step to “martyrdom”, although it stresses that the converts would “keep Jesus Christ in their heart”.

So let me get this straight. Because their church is in shambles, they’re going to pretend to swap one god for another until they get their way? Sounds like a fantastic plan. Go for it.

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