Gov. John Kasich: A Secular Society Would Put the Country in a “Very Severe Crisis Point” October 8, 2015

Gov. John Kasich: A Secular Society Would Put the Country in a “Very Severe Crisis Point”

If you thought Gov. John Kasich was one of the more sensible GOP presidential candidates, let’s put that to rest right now.

Speaking this week before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington, the Republican opposite-of-frontrunner said that a secular society would be a disaster:

If we become secularists when we face a radical Islam that is the farthest thing from secularist, when we can’t unite with our friends in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian community to espouse a set of values that is the true way for human beings to conduct their lives and live their lives, we will be in a very severe crisis point“…

He said that the “aggressive search for a secular society isn’t working,” leaving the country without a shared set of morals.

As if anti-gay, anti-women Christian morals are so damn awesome…

To be clear, no one’s trying to create a society where people are banned from worshiping God. The sort of secular country a lot of atheists are pushing for is one where religion isn’t put on a pedestal and no one religious group is given special treatment. That doesn’t prevent collaboration between people of different beliefs. That doesn’t mean putting religious people behind bars. What exactly is Kasich afraid of?

The Secular Coalition for America, among others, would love to alleviate his concerns. The group had this response on Twitter:

We’re becoming a secular society whether Kasich likes it or not. And we’re going to be better off because of it.

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