A Day Later, the Christian Who Predicted Armageddon Says It’s “Obvious That We Were Incorrect” October 8, 2015

A Day Later, the Christian Who Predicted Armageddon Says It’s “Obvious That We Were Incorrect”

Yesterday, the world was supposed to end. At least that’s what eBible Fellowship was telling people. We were going to be obliterated “with fire,” in fact, as part of God’s wrath.

What does eBible Fellowship founder and leader Chris McCann have to say today?


Dear friends,

For some time now E Bible Fellowship (and myself) have been looking towards October 7th as the likely end of the world. We believed there was a strong likelihood that God would complete His judgment and bring about the world’s destruction on that day. There was much biblical information pointing to this date and we freely shared it with all. Yet, consistently stressing throughout the entire time period that the world ending on that date was a ‘strong likelihood’.

Since it is now October 8th it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th.

McCann maintains that he didn’t lie to anyone because, you know, he always said yesterday’s Armageddon was only a “strong likelihood”:

Therefore saying it was a ‘strong likelihood’ was a true statement. We also openly acknowledged that there was a small likelihood that it would not happen. There was no lie or deceitfulness involved in any way.

Keep in mind he and millions of other Christians still believe Jesus is coming back in their lifetime…

McCann also said this on Facebook, though it’s hard to feel much sympathy for him:

I guess that means we can keep mocking.

Don’t feel too bad for him. McCann says he’ll go back to “studying the Bible.” But given his track record on exams, maybe he should consider changing majors.

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