Sen. Ted Cruz Laments Removal of Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument October 6, 2015

Sen. Ted Cruz Laments Removal of Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument

Reason has prevailed and the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol has been taken down! Removed in the dark of night, likely in an attempt to avoid a public scene, the patently unconstitutional display of religion is finally gone. Twitter conservatives have responded predictably, of course, but Sen. Ted Cruz clearly saw this as a campaign opportunity.


For the pragmatists in the room, this sounds like a statement that should disqualify him for the presidency on a number of levels. Not as some sort of “religious test” for public office, but as someone who disregards the law when he wants to.

Say it with me: This is not an assault on religious liberty. The First Amendment and subsequent court rulings regarding separation of church and state make it pretty clear that government cannot promote any particular religion. Putting the religious dogma of Christianity on display in front of government buildings does just that. Taking the display down doesn’t hurt Christianity; it protects the religious liberty of everyone else through parity. If the Satanic Temple can’t place a statue of Baphomet on the Capitol grounds, then Christians can’t place a monument promoting their faith either. This isn’t a difficult concept, and if Cruz is struggling with an issue this basic, we ought to rethink whether he has the judgment to tackle the challenges of the presidency.

For a man who prides himself on defending the constitution, he seems perfectly willing to ignore it when it suits his needs.

Nothing says “presidential” like a proud ignoramus.

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