Evangelist Wants to Know If You’d Say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a Gun to Your Head October 6, 2015

Evangelist Wants to Know If You’d Say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a Gun to Your Head

Vertical-video-addict and Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, last seen getting humiliated on national television, is back with his latest lie.

He believes all nine of the victims of the Oregon college shooting were Christian martyrs who died because they had the courage to admit their faith to the gunman. We’ve posted repeatedly about how that wasn’t the case at all. A couple of the victims were decidedly non-religious and the ones who were Christian did not appear to be killed because of their faith. None of that takes away from the tragedy of the situation, of course, but it’s a lie to claim this was an anti-Christian attack.

Not that Feuerstein ever cared about honesty. Christian persecution is his currency and he’s always cashing in. In his latest video, he asks viewers if they would have the courage to say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a gun to their head. Because that’s how society works now.

With a gun to your head … would you say #YESIMACHRISTIAN ???? #clickSHARE>>>>>>>>> Follow –> Joshua Feuerstein <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Friday, October 2, 2015

At least he’s not encouraging others to follow his lead… If you really want to show you care about the victims, he says, just share his video and use the right hashtag.

Also, I’m no gun expert here, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to have your finger on the trigger when you’re playing around. Even if he’s using a fake in the video, it’s completely irresponsible.

It’s not the first time Feuerstein has included a weapon in his video to make a point. At least he didn’t drag his children into this one.

(Thanks to Eddie for the link)

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