Mike Huckabee: I Oppose Silly Boycotts, and That’s Why I’m Boycotting Rainbow Doritos October 5, 2015

Mike Huckabee: I Oppose Silly Boycotts, and That’s Why I’m Boycotting Rainbow Doritos

Mike Huckabee in 2014: I would never boycott companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Apple even though I disagree with their owners’ politics.

Mike Huckabee in early 2015: Boycotts against anti-gay businesses are a form of “economic terrorism.”

Mike Huckabee now: Let’s boycott Frito-Lay and their gay chips!

In an email to Frito-Lay management, a copy of which was obtained by WND, Huckabee, who was targeted by Savage’s vitriol several years ago, says, “I hope that you will do some honest vetting about Dan Savage and his very hateful and vulgar comments toward Christians and his calls for violence and injury to people he disagrees with.

“It is beyond me to understand how a responsible corporation would think that partnering with someone who spews the vicious vitriol that Savage does would be worthy of your corporate contributions.”

“If it does represent the corporate values of Frito-Lay, then the Christian community needs to be made aware that Frito-Lay has decided to not seek their business.”

Because Rainbow Doritos hate America and protecting LGBT kids who get bullied is somehow anti-Christian.

Huckabee makes Rick Santorum sound like the sensible Christian theocrat.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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