Christian Pastor: “Sex Belongs to Christians” October 2, 2015

Christian Pastor: “Sex Belongs to Christians”

Christian educator John Piper is no stranger to making offensive, opportunistic statements. When the Sandy Hook shootings happened, he called it a “warning” from God to turn to Christ.

His latest idiotic statement? Sex belongs to Christians. Which, I guess, means all of us are doing it wrong. Literally.

O Holy Night, indeed!
O Holy Night, indeed!

Sex belongs to Christians. Because sex belongs to God. “God created it to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.” If it is used by those who do not believe and know the truth, it is prostituted. They have exchanged the glory of God for images. They have torn sex from its God-appointed place in the orbit of marriage. But they do not know what they are doing. And the price they will pay in this life and the next is incalculable.

So we atheists are just sex-having, porn-watching prostitutes who will suffer for eternity.

Keep talking, Piper. You’re getting me all worked up.

The pleasures of sex are meant for believers. They are designed for their greatest expression by the children of God. He saves His richest gifts for his children. And as we enjoy His gift of sex, we say, by our covenant faithfulness to our spouse, that God is greater than sex. And the pleasures of sex are themselves an overflow of God’s own goodness. This pleasure is less than what we will know fully in Him at His right hand. And in it, we taste something of His very exquisiteness.

In other words: All sex with a partner is a threesome because God’s inviting himself in. Kinky.

Sex is made for the glory of Christ — for the Christ-exalting glory of covenant-keeping faithfulness in marriage, and for the glory of Christ-exalting chastity in singleness. It is always good. Sex is always an occasion to show that the Giver of sex is better than sex.

Best part about sex with God? You know He’ll have a second coming.

(I’ll see myself out.)

His statements are just jam-packed with nonsense. If anything, sex is the most essential ingredient to the evolution of all living things. It’s the most natural thing about us. It’s been around since long before Christianity came onto the scene, and it’ll be around long after Christianity makes its transition into ancient mythology. God doesn’t come into the equation — or the bedroom.

Piper, ironically, is the favorite pastor of many of the Duggars. Which I guess means when Josh Duggar was sleeping with those porn stars, he was just trying to spread the faith.

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