What Donald Trump Has in Common with Prosperity Gospel Preachers October 1, 2015

What Donald Trump Has in Common with Prosperity Gospel Preachers

Think about all those prosperity gospel preachers. The ones who brag about their wealth, fly in private planes, and tell their followers how they can eventually achieve the same lifestyle (even though that’s never going to happen) if they just believe. It’s a world in which Pastor Creflo Dollar can beg for a $65 million plane and Pastor Steven Furtick downplays his $1.7 million mansion by saying “it’s not that great of a house.”

When you think about it, that’s the same world Donald Trump inhabits.

In his profile of Trump, the New York TimesMark Leibovich made that very comparison.

Now, blogger Zack Hunt takes it even further by remarking on the recent prayer event for Trump featuring many of the most notable prosperity gospel preachers.

Donald Trump is the perfect prosperity gospel candidate.

Like the prosperity gospel itself, he’s the walking antithesis of the actual gospel. Greedy, self-serving, manipulative, and hostile towards critics, I can’t think of a presidential candidate more fitting for these pastors to idolize.

He’s the prosperity gospel incarnate: crude, materialistic, and antithetical in every way to the life and teaching of Jesus.

And, like those other preachers, he’s far more interested in spreading his own brand than trying to help the poorest among us. It’s frustrating how many people don’t realize this game is taking place right in front of their eyes because they’re too distracted by all the money.

It’s no wonder the same sort of people who believe praying to God (or giving “seed money” to pastors”) will improve their socioeconomic status are the ones who think a Trump presidency will solve many of their problems. They’re not thinking critically about the matter because they’re blinded by the braggadocio.

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