This Nightly Show Conversation About Water on Mars is Infuriating October 1, 2015

This Nightly Show Conversation About Water on Mars is Infuriating

Want to know what it’s like to be a teacher? Just imagine a whole bunch of adults who are super-passionate about their subjects… trying to share their wisdom with a bunch of students who don’t give a damn (and have no problem showing it).

Still not getting it? Then watch this discussion on The Nightly Show between Bill Nye — who’s super-excited about the implications of finding water on Mars — and two comedians who think he’s insane for caring about it this much:

I know it’s a comedy show and the other panelists were more interested in making jokes than fawning over science, but it’s not a far cry from what happens in schools and households all over the country. If you can’t get excited about science when Bill Nye’s explaining it to you right across the table, then what else would it take?!

It’s sad that this is the show that took over The Colbert Report‘s time slot and yet we’re getting as much science education with real panelists as we would have with a faux right-wing journalist. That’s not a slam on host Larry Wilmore, who is a strong science advocate, but on the producers for caring so little about this topic that they would include on the panel people who have personal incentives to dumb down an otherwise serious and important discussion.

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