When it Comes to Science Illiteracy, Even Dr. Ben Carson Can’t Save the GOP September 29, 2015

When it Comes to Science Illiteracy, Even Dr. Ben Carson Can’t Save the GOP

Weeks after making a splash on the New Yorker‘s website commenting on the Kim Davis saga, physicist Lawrence Krauss is back with a blistering overview of Dr. Ben Carson‘s scientific sins.

After documenting why Carson’s statements about the Big Bang theory, and evolution, and a fine-tuned universe are completely out of sync with reality, Krauss sums up the problem:

It is one thing to simply assert that you don’t choose to believe the science, in spite of a mountain of data supporting it. It’s another to mask your ignorance in such a disingenuous way, by using pseudo-scientific, emotion-laden arguments and trading on your professional credentials. Surely this quality, which reflects either self-delusion or, worse still, a willingness to intentionally deceive others, is of great concern when someone is vying for control of the nuclear red button.

Krauss didn’t even mention Carson’s harmful claim about vaccines made in the most recent Republican Debate, that “we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time.” There’s no evidence of that whatsoever and delaying the shots only puts your child in harm’s way.

If Carson doesn’t win the Republican nomination, his biggest claim to fame may ultimately be ruining the whole idea of brain surgeons being geniuses. He may be a skilled doctor, but he’s a horrible scientist.

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