What It Means (and What It Doesn’t Mean) to Be an Atheist September 29, 2015

What It Means (and What It Doesn’t Mean) to Be an Atheist

Sarah Rocksdale, a YouTuber who normally makes beauty/fashion videos, stepped outside that world to give her fans a wonderful primer on why she’s an atheist and what exactly that means:

My favorite part of the video has to be the pop-up definition of “indoctrination” 🙂

I’m not slamming that at all; it’s just a reminder that, for people who don’t regularly discuss or think about religion, that word is practically foreign. It’s sad that most of us are probably all too familiar with it.

Hats off to Sarah for making a video like this, especially for a fan base that might not have been expecting it. That couldn’t have been an easy decision to make, but I’m glad she chose to do it.

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