Memories Pizza in Indiana Inadvertently Catered a Gay Wedding September 28, 2015

Memories Pizza in Indiana Inadvertently Catered a Gay Wedding

Earlier this year, when Indiana was facing all sorts of backlash for its new law legalizing anti-gay discrimination, one of the companies making headlines was Memories Pizza in the city of Walkerton. The owners made clear they would not cater a gay wedding because it violated their Christian beliefs. Supporters raised nearly $850,000 in defense of their faith-based bigotry.

I bring that up because the company just catered a gay wedding (without their knowledge).

Robin Trevino and his husband had a wedding ceremony in Illinois in 2008, before their marriage was technically legal in the state. (They got an official license in Iowa the following year, though they didn’t get a chance to celebrate the occasion with friends and family.)

Because a comedy troupe Robin works with was going to do a show focused on Indiana, he figured it might be a good time to renew his vows. And you can’t do that without some food…

I know some of you will be upset that he handed the company any money at all, but I think there’s a better story here: No matter what the owners’ faith teaches them, gay customers are no different from any other ones, and their celebrations are no less meaningful. There’s no justification, faith-based or otherwise, for a business owner to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

And now that Memories Pizza has catered one gay wedding, why not expand the business and cater some more?

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