Donald Trump Reminds Audience of His Christian Faith By Holding Up His Childhood Bible September 28, 2015

Donald Trump Reminds Audience of His Christian Faith By Holding Up His Childhood Bible

At the Values Voter Summit over the weekend, Donald Trump attempted once again to endear himself to evangelical Christians in the only way he knows how: Using buzzwords since he can’t do it genuinely.

For example, he thought holding up his childhood bible would win them over… even though most Christians at that event would probably prefer to see the Bible you open up on a regular basis as an adult.

Trump insulted his Republican competitors, as he often does, but that didn’t work well in a room where Ted Cruz won the straw poll and Marco Rubio also fared well.

Channeling Sarah Palin, he brought up how much he loves to hear “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holiday”… even though he didn’t seem to care about the issue before now.

He avoided the topics of abortion, Planned Parenthood, and Kim Davis. Whether that was planned or accidental, I don’t know. (Ha.)

He eventually assured the crowd that he’s a nice person (14:31):

People were not sure I was a nice person, and I am. I am. I am. I am. I am a giving person. I believe in God. I believe in the Bible. I’m a Christian. I have a lot of reasons. I love people.

Let’s state the obvious: Believing in God, believing in the Bible, and being a Christian do not make you “nice.” If anything, they should make us more suspicious of your kindness since you’re pointing to your beliefs instead of your actions as evidence of how good you are.

And then Trump held up a Bible that likely hasn’t been opened in decades and told everyone, “This is the key.” As if that’s reassuring to anyone outside that room.

I always thought someone like Mike Huckabee would be a danger in the White House because he prioritizes the Bible over the Constitution, even in public office. I had no idea I also had to fear people who seemed mostly apathetic about religion most of their life because they’ll say or do anything to get votes from a fundamentalist base.

Trump is the sort of person who’ll say on a whim that he’s in favor of a Christian theocracy if it means getting more votes in Iowa. At least with Huckabee, you know exactly where he stands ahead of time.

I obviously don’t think highly of voters who care more about politicians’ faith than their policies, but I would be shocked if that evangelical base ultimately supports a man who is so clearly pandering to them when there are so many alternatives out there.

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