Congressman Swipes Pope’s Water After Speech, Hoping for Good Luck September 27, 2015

Congressman Swipes Pope’s Water After Speech, Hoping for Good Luck

On Friday, after Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress, he left behind a glass of water.

And then this weirdness happened:

Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.) couldn’t resist the temptation to swipe the water glass that touched the lips of Pope Francis.

He carefully carried the glass, still half full, back to his office where he sipped the water and then passed it around to his wife and two staffers. Later, he invited Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) to his office, who, along with his wife and mother, dipped his fingers in the water. Casey’s office confirmed this was true.

While most of the attention is on how Casey swiped something from the Pope, let’s get to the real issue: Who the hell thinks this glass has any power?!

The Pope doesn’t have magical saliva. You don’t get Bonus Jesus Points for drinking out of the Pope’s cup. Your grandchildren aren’t going to get blessed if you sprinkle Pope residue on them.

(Brady did something similar after President Obama‘s first inauguration, which makes you wonder if this is just pathological.)

It’s superstition and it’s appalling that any member of Congress would believe it.

Then again, given all the other crazy superstitions Catholics believe in — infant baptisms, Jesus turning into a wafer, His blood turning into wine, etc. — I suppose swiping a glass of water is hardly the oddest thing on the list.

Here’s what’s really funny. You know who makes a lot of sense on this issue?

The master of conspiracy theories: Glenn Beck. He wrote on Facebook:

What is wrong with these congressmen?

Dipping their fingers into the Pope’s water glass as if his spittle holds some magical power.

***The Pope has to consecrate the water to been deemed holy water to be used ceremonially.

This is something real and sacred to Catholics. It is used for healings, baptisms etc. Not to be used as a party trick and it never comes from the popes drinking glass.

This is NOT consecrated water.

This was his drinking water. The Pope knows the difference. Do they?

By the way, stealing it might negate any of the “special bat powers” you think it might hold congressmen.

Congressman, are you even catholic? I am not but even I know this is not the way it works. Ask a priest.

Does anyone have a lock of Billy Graham’s hair?! Oh, it that fails, maybe we can steal a fingernail from the president of my church!

Glenn Beck makes sense and a Democrat in Congress holds wacky religious beliefs.

What’s next? John Boehner resigning from the House and Donald Trump becoming the Republican Presidential nominee?

Crazy talk. All of it.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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