Missouri Sheriff: If Officer Doesn’t Like “In God We Trust” on Police Cars, He Can Find Another Job September 24, 2015

Missouri Sheriff: If Officer Doesn’t Like “In God We Trust” on Police Cars, He Can Find Another Job

The Greene County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Department is one of several around the country that’s slapping “In God We Trust” stickers on all police cars. Like all the other Christian leaders who lie about the real reason they’re doing this, Sheriff Jim Arnott says this has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus:

A similar decal in another county

“Here’s how I feel about it. It’s our nation’s motto. And that’s the bottom line. And it’s on all of our currency. It’s probably in 75 percent of the courthouses in the United States. It’s on our county seal,” the sheriff said.

Of course, if the nation’s motto was “Thanks for buying me drinks, Satan,” I doubt Arnott would fight to brand everything with the phrase. If a Muslim-majority nation had “In Allah We Trust” on government vehicles, we’d call it brainwashing.

One reporter asked him how he’d handle an officer who didn’t like the decals. Finally we got some honesty out of the sheriff:

“Well, I guess he’d have to work somewhere else if he didn’t like it that bad,” Arnott said. “I mean it’s on our currency so my recommendation is he doesn’t spend any money.”

So if you’re not the right kind of Christian, gleefully accepting this form of proselytizing, then go find work somewhere else. They don’t want your kind there.

On a side note, it’s a little strange to see them talk about how much they trust God when the department’s budget probably includes plenty of money for protective gear and guns. So much for putting their faith in a Higher Power.

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