Help a Teenage Atheist Kicked Out of Her Mormon Home September 24, 2015

Help a Teenage Atheist Kicked Out of Her Mormon Home

Kaitlyn M. is a 19-year-old atheist who was recently kicked out of her Mormon parents’ home. She’s struggling to make ends meet and began a fundraiser to get some help.

David Smalley of Dogma Debate spoke with her yesterday, and her story is one that I’m sure a lot of you (unfortunately) can relate to.

I’ve been very hesitant lately (for reasons I’m sure you can figure out) to post fundraisers for anything I’m not personally connected to, but I’ll tell you why I’m posting this one.

If you listen to the episode around the 49:15 mark, Smalley talks about how he verified Kaitlyn’s story by calling her parents. Really. It wasn’t recorded, but they spoke about what Kaitlyn is going through. It’s really fascinating to hear David’s version of that conversation.

Anyway, if you’d like to help Kaitlyn out, her fundraiser is here. As with any online fundraiser, be cautious. But I hope things get better for her.

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