Christian Hate Pastor Calls Protesters “Faggots” and “Lesbos” in Long, Loud Rant September 24, 2015

Christian Hate Pastor Calls Protesters “Faggots” and “Lesbos” in Long, Loud Rant

Harlem Hate Pastor James David Manning, the man who (among other things) said Starbucks lattes contain the “semen of sodomites,” was the subject of a protest outside his church this week organized by the group Harlem Against Violence, Homophobia, and Transphobia.

Manning handled the protest with grace, bringing participants water bottles and hoping they could reconcile their differences.

I’m just kidding. He screamed at the top of his lungs while calling everyone “faggots” and “lesbos.” Just like Jesus would do.

You are Jesus-haters! You are racist as well! C’mon down here. C’mon. C’mon down here. C’mon. C’mon down here. C’mon. C’mon down here. C’mon over here. C’mon over here. Come over here. Come on, you faggots! All you lesbos! All you perverted people. All you dungeaters! C’mon over here. Come on! I’m here! I’m here! Do you think your chants are going to stop me? You can no more stop me than you can stop the power of the blood of Jesus! I declare the blood of Jesus against you faggots! You Lesbos! You perverts! You sick minded people! You are sick! You are demon-possessed! You stop the demons now! Stop the demons NOW! Stop the demons now! You are demon-possessed! You are full of the devil. You are the children of the devil. You are all the devil’s children! You’re perverts! You are disgrace! God help ya! You are wretched, unbelievable, despicable, disgrace to humanity! Your breath stinks of another man’s butthole! You are sick! You are perverted! You are losers! You are delusional! You are full of the devil! You need prayer! You need the Lord Jesus. It’s what you need. You are nothing more than the children of Hell, is who you are.

No! Hey! It gets WORSE! I’ll beat your stinkin’ behinds in court! I’ll beat your stinkin’ behinds in court!…

You all are going to Hell, every last one of you all! You’re going to Hell! There is no salvation for buttlickers and butt-bangers like you! You’re going to Hell, I tell you! Repent! Repent! Repent! You delusional perverts. You sick demon-possessed! You wretched of the Earth! You’re wicked through and through! How sick you are! There’s nobody on the planet Earth that’s more demon-infused and sick as you!…

I have and will continue to kick your butts! I will continue to kick your perverted behinds and I’ll send you to a horrid Hell.

I am the Champion! I am the Defender of the Word of God! I am the greatest preacher and defender of the word of God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Now all of y’all, go to hell! I am the Greatest!

He’s the greatest something, that’s for sure…

By the way, that video was uploaded by Manning’s church, not the protesters. He’s proud of this. Others may complain about videos capturing them at their worst moments or out of context. Manning, on the other hand, is putting this on his personal highlight reel.

Someone remind me again how Christ represents love? I can’t remember.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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