Chicago News Station Uses Nazi Imagery in Yom Kippur Segment September 24, 2015

Chicago News Station Uses Nazi Imagery in Yom Kippur Segment

The Jewish High Holy Days are all about reflecting on past sins, and someone at WGN News (Chicago) has a big one to atone for. In a segment about Yom Kippur, which began Tuesday night at sundown, the image of a yellow star over a striped field appeared over the newscaster’s shoulder. The intern who likely Googled “Jewish star” for a stock image must not have realized that Nazi imagery is probably an inappropriate choice for one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar.

It’s possible to come up with logical explanations for the graphic. After all, the Nazis have a lot to atone for. But it’s unlikely to have been an ironic statement or an anti-Semitic prank — instead, the graphic probably represents ignorance and carelessness more than anything. TMZ’s headline sums it up best: “How Could You Nazi This?!”

After a torrent of angry tweets, WGN apologized on Twitter about half an hour after the segment aired. They may be pleased to know that, since Yom Kippur requires fasting and intense prayer, most observant Jews probably missed the broadcast.

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