Praise for the NFL Stars Who Don’t Invoke God to Explain Their Skills September 22, 2015

Praise for the NFL Stars Who Don’t Invoke God to Explain Their Skills

Dave Zirin is thrilled that NFL stars like Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster (below) are calling out a sport that’s a hotbed for Christianity in their own distinct ways.

He writes in The Nation:

whether in the form of Fosters’ deep meditations or Rodgers’ jibes, this kind of pushback should be welcomed. There may be grand divisions over the belief that religion is either force for a greater good or a fetter on humanity, but it would probably be healthy if we could agree that if there was a God, then this all-powerful force doesn’t care a great deal about football. More accurately, the baptizing of this sport in holy waters further obscures just how the sausage is made in the NFL. It’s a sport with a filthy underbelly that has never been more in the public eye. When calculating the brain injuries on the field alongside the boozing and bacchanalia off of it, and when considering that the NFL has colonized Sundays of all days, it is clearly nothing if not the devil’s workshop.

Great piece, minus the jab at New Atheists for their supposed “Islamophobia.”

(Image via YouTube)

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