Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is Now Putting Kids in Harm’s Way to Win GOP Votes September 22, 2015

Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is Now Putting Kids in Harm’s Way to Win GOP Votes

In an article that shouldn’t have had to be written in the first place, Michael Specter laments the anti-science, anti-vaccine-efficacy stances of the GOP Presidential candidates, including the two physicians on stage, Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Rand Paul.

Both argued, wrongly, that childhood vaccines needed to be spread out over time. There’s no scientific evidence that says that’s a good idea and plenty of evidence showing that a delayed vaccine schedule is a horrible idea.

Specter explains all of that. Then he states the obvious:

It is sad to have to write this, when it should be clear by now, but here it is: vaccines are the most successful medical intervention in the history of humanity. They have prevented millions of deaths. They are a triumph of human ingenuity and of our desire to alleviate suffering.

There are not too many. They are not administered too soon. They do not cause autism or allergies or cancer. The only thing “too bunched up” about vaccines, as a matter of fact, are the falsehoods and deliberate misconceptions spread by demagogues and then endorsed by people like Carson and Paul, both of whom should — and almost certainly do — know better.

Only in today’s GOP does the smartest person on stage have to dumb it down to the point of putting people in danger in order to get a few extra votes.

Specter, by the way, is the same reporter who brought the pseudoscience and anti-science peddled by Dr. Oz to public attention.

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