“Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign in Texas Will Finally Come Down September 22, 2015

“Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign in Texas Will Finally Come Down

Remember the 18-foot-wide sign welcoming visitors to the city of Hawkins, Texas?

Mayor Will Rogers had defended the Jesus-tastic sign even after receiving a letter of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. At one point, he said it wasn’t religious at all. He later said the sign should stay because Jesus was like Superman — and if the FFRF didn’t want a fictional being (in their opinion) welcoming people to Hawkins, then they would oppose Superman, too. So there.

Last we heard, the city council postponed a vote to decide the fate of the sign.

It’s been months since that delay was announced, but the city council has finally decided to do the right thing:

On Monday night, council members voted to take the sign down, which will be placed in storage until its rightful owner comes forward to claim it.

The sign has been standing since 2011, after Hawkins mayor Will Rogers first asked city council for permission to erect the sign before he became mayor.

The sign will come down sometime within the next 30 days, which is good since Jesus has completely overstayed his welcome.

(Thanks to Amanda for the link. Large portions of this article were published earlier.)

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