How a Former Preacher “Graduated” from Religion in Louisiana September 22, 2015

How a Former Preacher “Graduated” from Religion in Louisiana

In a wonderful New York Times Op-Doc, filmmakers Jason Cohn and Camille Servan-Schreiber give us a look into the world of Jerry DeWitt, a former preacher from Louisiana whose life turned upside-down after he came out as an atheist:

I love this line from Jerry right up front:

I didn’t lose my faith. I’ve lost car keys. I’ve lost a lot of things. But I didn’t lose my faith. I feel like I graduated from the traditions of my family.

If you haven’t read it, you can read more about Jerry’s journey in his book Hope after Faith: An Ex-Pastor’s Journey from Belief to Atheism.

This Op-Doc is an excerpt from a documentary called Outcast of Beauregard Parish. The full version has not yet been released.

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