Ben Carson Wants You to Stop Criticizing Him for Calling the Big Bang Theory a Fairy Tale September 22, 2015

Ben Carson Wants You to Stop Criticizing Him for Calling the Big Bang Theory a Fairy Tale

We know Dr. Ben Carson as the Republican Presidential candidate who believes Muslims can’t be President and think vaccines ought to be spread out even though no scientific evidence supports that.

But if you hadn’t heard of him before this year, you might not have caught comments he made in the past about how evolution is a myth.

Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman explains the year-old clip:

[Carson] claimed that “no one has the knowledge” of the age of the earth “based on the Bible,” adding that “carbon dating and all of these things really don’t mean anything to a God who has the ability to create anything at any point in time.”

Carson pointed to the “complexity of the human brain” as proof that evolution is a myth: “Somebody says that came from a slime pit full of promiscuous biochemicals? I don’t think so.”

He said evolution is unable to explain the development of an eyeball: “Give me a break. According to their scheme, it had to occur over night, it had to be there. I instead say, if you have an intelligent creator, what he does is give his creatures the ability to adapt to the environment so he doesn’t have to start over every fifty years creating all over again.”

Carson has also said that the Big Bang is a hoax:

“Well, I mean, [the Big Bang is] even more ridiculous than that [because] our solar system, not to mention the universe outside of that is extraordinarily well organized, to the point where we can predict 70 years away when a comet is coming,” he said. “Now that type of organization to just come out of an explosion? I mean, you want to talk about fairy tales, that is amazing.”

Earlier today, speaking at Cedarville University in Ohio, Carson defended those anti-science views by invoking the old Junkyard Tornado argument and the idea that atheists have more “faith” than Christians, before telling the crowd this:

“Here’s the key, I then say to [critics] look, ‘I’m not gonna criticize you, you have a lot more faith then I have.’ I couldn’t, I don’t have enough faith to believe that,” Carson said in a speech at Cedarville University, after explaining why he didn’t believe in the theory.

“I give you credit, for that,” continued Carson. “But I’m not gonna denigrate you because of your faith and you shouldn’t denigrate me for mine. And that’s the kind of attitude, ya know — that’s the kind of attitude that I think is very important in the society in which we live today.”

To repeat, Carson doesn’t want you to denigrate him for his beliefs… even though he’s perfectly willing to denigrate Muslims for theirs.

No one’s attacking him for his Christianity, though.

We’re criticizing his blissful ignorance.

We’re worried about having someone who has no respect for the scientific method in the White House.

We’re disappointed that a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon has thrown away his credibility in order to appease the dumbest members of his political base.

We’re shocked that someone so accomplished on paper has no real understanding of how science works.

Every candidate ought to be held to high standards and Carson continues to show that he’s incapable of reaching many of the most important ones.

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