Do You Believe in Armageddon? An Atheist Group Dares You to Put Money On It September 19, 2015

Do You Believe in Armageddon? An Atheist Group Dares You to Put Money On It

Do you believe the end of the world is near?

Maybe you think that Jesus is coming back and you’ll be raptured?

If so, the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics group (in California) wants you to put your money where your mouth is.

All you have to do is sign a contract that says your “money and worldly possessions” become property of the atheists after your declared Armageddon date.

Don’t worry, though. If your Big Day turns out to be uneventful, you can get your possessions back… for $20.

It is a simple idea. If after you sign our contract you run into the unlikely problem of miscalculating the end of the world, CVAAS will allow you to buy yourself out of this contract for a mere twenty dollars ($20.00). For $20.00 your house, car, bank account and 401K are all legally returned to your possession. This also works for you if the Rapture happens, and you are one of those people who are left behind.

I’m guessing no one will take them up on the offer…

Before you argue it’s wrong to take advantage of gullible people, is it really any different from the preachers who are taking their money by spreading fear and guilt? Plus, losing $20 sure beats all the tithes that are going to waste.

If this idea sounds familiar, maybe it’s because a similar website was set up to take care of Christians’ pets after they’ve been raptured. They just needed to fork over $110.

It was later revealed to be a hoax — no contracts were ever signed — but the point was the same: No one who thinks the world is going to end would dare to attach a specific day to it.

The people who do are inevitably proven wrong.

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