Todd Starnes is Somehow Making Fox News Channel Even Less Credible September 16, 2015

Todd Starnes is Somehow Making Fox News Channel Even Less Credible

In the least surprising news you’ll hear all day, Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes is a liar with no journalistic credibility.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know how many times we’ve posted stories fact-checking Starnes’ articles (and sermons).

Now, Jonathan Merritt, writing for The Atlantic, has a story about how Starnes is tarnishing the already-pathetic reputation of Fox News:

My persecution complex is THIS big!

Starnes career is built on bad reporting, but it has been topped with extreme rhetoric

… the real secret to Starnes’ success may be the way he combines his homespun conservative Christian-speak with a hefty dose of fear, outrage, and conspiracy. His commentary feeds the narrative that conservatives are under attack — from the “war on Christmas” to the “war on Christians” — and should be afraid and angry. And this is apparently an express-lane to influence.

… while Starnes is doing everything wrong, he’s also doing everything right. He’s ginning up controversy, often when it doesn’t exist, and in some cases perhaps deliberately misleading the public. But the result is a loyal base of fans and an expanding platform.

Merritt is far too deferential to Fox News Channel as a credible organization to begin with, but he’s absolutely right that Starnes is a low point for a network that has plenty to choose from already.

Even the American Family Association tried to distance itself from Bryan Fischer. But Fox News still embraces Starnes.

It’s a match made in Hell.

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